About Prophetess Iyore Iduorobo

Prophetess Iyore Iduorobo was born in Benin City, Nigeria and she is an Irish citizen today. Although she did not have the opportunity to go to school so did not know how to read and write—or even spell her own name, today, she gives a mind-blowing testimony that you need to hear from her own mouth. She is also married and the mother of four children.

At the age of fourteen, she started helping her mother sell food in Benin City’s traditional market, Ekiosa. She continued working in the market for another fourteen years until she got married. Jesus Christ told her he had


prepared a husband for her, and three months later, a man came from Europe to marry her and took her back to Europe. She now lives in the United Kingdom.

Jesus Christ started speaking to her at the age of twelve, and when she mentioned it, her mother did not believe her. She had not been born into a Christian home—she was like Abraham. But despite the skepticism of others, Jesus Christ told her a lot of things.

When she was twelve, Jesus Christ told her to preach His gospel. She replied, “I can’t read, I can’t write, and no one will listen to me. In fact, they will laugh at me.” People always laughed at her because she could not read and write. But Jesus Christ kept coming to her and encouraging her. One day, Jesus Christ said to her, “I believe you can do it.”

Today, Prophetess Iyore Iduorobo can read, write, and preach the gospel. Jesus Christ has moved her from grass to grace, from pit to place, and from zero to one hundred percent. She has the word of the Lord in her mouth, waiting for you to hear it.

Jesus Christ encouraged her to go to bible school and she started in the year 2001 and she finished 2003.  She started learning how to read and write there. 





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